Who stays in hostels in June 2020?

Have you thought that only young people stay in a hostel?

Or that only young people will travel after pandemia of coronavirus?

We would like to share with you some interesting information on how things really are. And some of you might be very surprised!

We have made a statistical analysis of guests age who have stayed with us since the quarantine ended.

✅ The guests under the age of 20 years make up only 3% of our statistical group.

✅ Guests age 20+: 34%

✅ Guests age 30+: 10%

✅ Guests age 40+: 14%

✅ Guests age 50+: 21%

✅ Guests aged 60+: 14%

✅ Guests age 70+: 3%

It turns out that guests under 40 years old are only 48% of our audience. The remaining 52% are people over 40 years old!

This is unexpected, but it is a fact!

We get stays of many guests aged 60+ who walk along the Julian Alps track: Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovets, Vrsic pass, Kranjska Gora, Moistran, Bled.

Such a “small” 100 km route :). Who would like to do the same?

Hostel Kobarid is located directly on the trecking route of the popular Julian Alps track. Also from Kobarid there are many radial hiking routes to different points.

We welcome guests of different ages and nationalities 🌎!

Hostels now are the meeting and communication point with travelers of all ages from any country in the world.

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