Happy birthday, Hostel Kobarid

This week our hostel had a birthday – 2 years since we opened!

We are counting down exactly from June 13, when the first guests from arrived to us.

The first online booking with a guest arrival 2 hours later sparked excitement. Have we all been cleaned, tidied up, checked? Of course!

We were inspired, dressed up, lined up in front of the door to meet the guests with all friends who at that time stayed with us.

The guests were a couple from America. The first thing we said to them was: “Hello! You are our first guests! Welcome!”

The guys didn’t believe us. It seemed to them that the hostel with the name “Kobarid” had existed for many, many years!

First tour of the guest house, first check-in and a great feeling of happiness that we did it – after 1.5 years of construction work, we opened!

Since then, more than 2 thousand guests from all over the world have visited our hostel, including guests from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Ecuador, the Philippines, Iceland, Japan, Colombia, Malaysia, Monaco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia , Singapore, Venezuela, Costa Rica.

Now, in coronavirus times, we expect the world to learn to live with it, and people will be able to travel freely again.

We adore our hostel, we spend the maximum amount of time in it, constantly improving it. Two years later, it has become even more beautiful and cozy!

We express our deep gratitude to all the people who participated in the creation of the hostel! Our hostel remembers so many beautiful faces, golden hands, kind hearts and cool stories!

We are waiting for everyone to visit!

Happy birthday, adorable Hostel Kobarid!

Who stays in hostels in June 2020?

Have you thought that only young people stay in a hostel?

Or that only young people will travel after pandemia of coronavirus?

We would like to share with you some interesting information on how things really are. And some of you might be very surprised!

We have made a statistical analysis of guests age who have stayed with us since the quarantine ended.

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