Hostel Kobarid provides continental breakfast. It includes: Tea & Coffee; Juice & Water; Bread & Butter; Musli & Milk; Meat & Cheese; Fresh eggs (you can cook it the way you like it); Jam & Nutella; Banana. The price is 8€ per person You can order it during booking on our website or upon your … Continue reading “Breakfast”

Price: 8 / Per Day / Per Guest

Big towel

Welcome  to get the additional big towel with size 70×140 cm for 2€ per guest (small towel 45х90 cm is already included in the basic price)

Price: 2 / Once / Per Guest

Laundry self service

Washing and drying: 5€ per washing and 5€ per drying in machine.

Price: 5 / Once / Per Guest

Firewood basket

Feel free to buy a basket of firewood to make a campfire or barbecue in the garden of Hostel Kobarid. The price is 5€ for a basket.  

Price: 5 / Once / Per Accommodation