Slovenia border crossing

Dear travellers, all current information about the Slovenian border crossing  is available by the link:

The data valid from 19th of June, 2021.

Entry from the areas on the green list

A person arriving from an area on the green list may enter Slovenia without being ordered to quarantine. Upon entry they must provide proof of having resided in an area on the green list for at least five consecutive days prior to entry. TIf they are not able to provide relevant proof, they are considered to have come from an area on the dark red list.

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Happy birthday, Hostel Kobarid

This week our hostel had a birthday – 2 years since we opened!

We are counting down exactly from June 13, when the first guests from arrived to us.

The first online booking with a guest arrival 2 hours later sparked excitement. Have we all been cleaned, tidied up, checked? Of course!

We were inspired, dressed up, lined up in front of the door to meet the guests with all friends who at that time stayed with us.

The guests were a couple from America. The first thing we said to them was: “Hello! You are our first guests! Welcome!”

The guys didn’t believe us. It seemed to them that the hostel with the name “Kobarid” had existed for many, many years!

First tour of the guest house, first check-in and a great feeling of happiness that we did it – after 1.5 years of construction work, we opened!

Since then, more than 2 thousand guests from all over the world have visited our hostel, including guests from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Ecuador, the Philippines, Iceland, Japan, Colombia, Malaysia, Monaco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia , Singapore, Venezuela, Costa Rica.

Now, in coronavirus times, we expect the world to learn to live with it, and people will be able to travel freely again.

We adore our hostel, we spend the maximum amount of time in it, constantly improving it. Two years later, it has become even more beautiful and cozy!

We express our deep gratitude to all the people who participated in the creation of the hostel! Our hostel remembers so many beautiful faces, golden hands, kind hearts and cool stories!

We are waiting for everyone to visit!

Happy birthday, adorable Hostel Kobarid!

Reopening in April 2021

From 26th of April 2021 Hostel Kobarid is reopening,
By government restrictions for hospitality establishments guests must have a negative test result (PCR or HAG not older than 48 hours) or proof of vaccination or Covid infection in the last six months.
Express tests are available in Soca Valley:
1. Kobarid: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 to 9:30.
2. Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec by schedual:
Bookings are available on our website.

Who stays in hostels in June 2020?

Have you thought that only young people stay in a hostel?

Or that only young people will travel after pandemia of coronavirus?

We would like to share with you some interesting information on how things really are. And some of you might be very surprised!

We have made a statistical analysis of guests age who have stayed with us since the quarantine ended.

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Safe travel – Covid-19 measures at Hostel Kobarid

Slovenia has one of the best epidemiological status in Europe.  On 14th of May Slovenian goverment declared that domestic coronavirus epidemia is officially over.  It has not been registered any of infected person in Kobarid. Soca Valley is a safe and eco-friendly destination.

The basic living conditions

First of all, we would like to mention that Hostel Kobarid has spacious dormitory rooms with high ceiling.  Guests do not feel constrained as they have a lot of space to keep recommended social distance.
Each bed has a curtain to provide privacy and more safe feeling.

Hostel Kobarid has spacefull living area and large garden with separated terraces. Its enough space for everyone to find the individual corner for rest.

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We are open from 18.05.2020. Welcome!

Dear guests,

We are glad to announce that Hostel Kobarid is opened from 18th of May 2020 after 2 months lockdown.
Welcome to visit Soča Valley and have a perfect stay at Hostel Kobarid.

On 14th of May Slovenian goverment declared that domestic coronavirus epidemia is officially over.
EU citizens can free enter Slovenia  without any quarantine being (in case if have not recently left the European Union for a period of more than two weeks).

While all other foreign nationals (from non EU countries) who enter Slovenia must be in quarantine for 14 days. We hope soon this rule will be cancelled as well.

Looking forward to greet you in the hostel :).

With kindest wishes, Team of Hostel Kobarid

Opening again after COVID-19

Dear guests,

From 16th of March 2020 our hostel is being closed due to the goverment measures against Covid-19.

The good news is that from the end of April Slovenia has started slowly mitigate the restrictive measures.

  • For now it is allowed to cross municipal boundaries.. It means that travelling through the whole country is allowed.
  • Museums and outdoor terraces of restaraunts have been opened.
  • Navigation on the Soca and Koritnica rivers is allowed again.
  • From 11 of May public transport between cities starts working again.
  • And it is expected that from 12.05.2020 it will be allowed to be opened for small accommodations (up to 30 rooms), camps, restaurants.
    So  we hope that from 12.05.2020 Hostel Kobarid will be able to open its doors for guests.
    Lets keep fingers crossed :).

    Please follow our news.

Hostelworld Award 2020

Great quality Score of 9.9 as a Top performer was recieved by our hostel at website Hostelworld. 
Thank you very much for wonderful feedbacks! We are glad we are doing a great job!

Here are some of reviews.

Hands down the best, most impressive hostel I’ve ever enjoyed! I would return to Kobarid, even travel out of my way to return to Kobarid, just for this hostel. The hosts/owners are amazing, friendly, and spirited. They seem truly happy to host people in their place and share their experiences in the Julian Alps with visitors. We visited in mid December, so the town was sleepy and outdoor sports weren’t really happening, but in the right season, the host can take you paragliding. Sport paradise!

USA, Couple, 25-30
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We are proud to recieve Award ranked by 9.5 based on 149 reviews after 6 months from the opening date!

Well, it was fantastic job with wonderful guests feedbacks!

Thank you!

These rooms are the best!!! They are huge. The beds are really good, sturdy and long enough for tall people. The kitchen has everything you need. The hostel is close to the bus stop and the Soča river.

Guest from Netherlands
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